Welcome to the
2015 Hawaii STEM Conference
JOIN US for the 6th successful year, STEM/Service Learning students, teachers, parents, community and business leaders are invited to gather from across the state to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math learning projects, hear stories of inspiration, engage in activities with some of the biggest names in STEM, & experience the excitement of a regional technology conference.

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A primary goal of this STEM event is to challenge and encourage as much participation from students as possible. Competitions at the conference allow teams to display their creative and tech skills in 3D CAD, Geospatial, App Design, Hackathon, Web design, Game Design, Poster Design, Music Design, and Video.
Over the two days, engaging STEM breakout sessions for students and teachers are held in 3D CAD, Photoshop, Augmented Reality, Design Thinking, Cybersecurity, Web Design, Game Design, Videography, GIS/GPS, Leadership, Science/Adaptive Optics, Green Technologies, and many more!