2017 Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Hawaii STEM Conference Winners!

On-Site Video Recap
Caleb Soo Hoo & Chris Kau
Baldwin High School


STEMworks™ Program Impact Assessment High School
Kaua’i High School

Read about their projects!


STEMworks™ Program Impact Assessment Intermediate School
Maui Waena Intermediate School

Read about their projects!


On-Site Royer Studios
Micah Ban, George Villanueva, Taniya Whittman-Valdez, Taylor McCary, Kalia Kapisi
Maui High School


ArcGIS Online U.S. School Competition Hawaii Finalists
Kauai High School’s Bus Routes: A GIS Perspective
Pag-asa Fulgencio
Kauai High School

Renewable Energy Sources in Hawaii
Amanda Schiff
Kealekehe High School

Reported Vehicle Accidents During 2016 Holiday Season
Courtney Cadiz, Jett Bolusan, and Braiden Paa
Maui High School

Huaka’i ‘O Hina I Ka Malama
Kau’iwai Poepoe-Mollena, Kamahina Kaiama-Kanuha
Molokai High School – ‘O Hina I Ka Malama


CAD Software
Designer Toy Challenge – BM Developers
Brandon Marcos & Mayumi Fulgencio
Kauai High School

“Passionate about the future of the Earth and bringing awareness to the mortality of planet’s beauty and resources, designers Brandon and Mayumi designed the toy to revolve around the real problem of deforestation and the impact of humans on the world’s supply of trees. The design process was simple: keep it fun and interesting, while addressing the reality of it all. It was decided upon that each character would hold some kind of symbolism for each of the real-life problems faced today.”


Digital Storytelling
Chipping Away At Our Carbon Footprint
Brandon Marcos
Kauai High School

“In Hawaii, the use of carbon emitting machines are on the rise. This can do major damage to our atmosphere and the wild life and vegetation in our forests. One of the solutions to this issue can be found on the island of Kauai where a biomass plant has created. The biomass plant has the ability to power a percentage of the islands homes. Steam is the only emission from the plant. The plant also uses wood chips from an invasive tree species, Albizia, that has threatened our forests. By using invasive trees as a fuel source to power our islands homes, we can make a positive difference in our forests.”


Game Design
Quest Puzzle – Download Game
Henry Lonborg
Roosevelt High School

“My game is meant to promote healthy familial relationships in which family members are willing to take time to enjoy each other’s company rather than preferring the company of themselves. It seems to happen and be mentioned far too often that families grow distant from each other, preferring the company of the internet over the company of each other, with only the most cursory form of a relationship being maintained. That’s not how it should be – families should take time to enjoy each other’s companies, whether in the form of watching TV together, eating dinner together, going out to events together, or doing anything else together. The important part doing it as a group. However, many families seem to consider that to be too much of an effort and let their relationships rot. This game is meant to show how nice it is when family members make an effort to maintain their relationships.”


GIS Story Mapping
Kauai High School’s Bus Routes: A GIS Perspective
Pag-asa Fulgencio
Kauai High School

“Using the Kauai High School student population, the current bus system, and the existing bus stops around the island, I created a map that shows what needs to be done to update the outdated bus system. I hope to aid the students of Kauai High School, their parents, and the school itself by providing visual data that can be easily interpreted. My map shows to the students and their parents where the bus stops are in their area and it shows to the school what areas needs to be revised and recommendations as to where these revisions can happen.”


Music – Instrumental
Groovy Thursday
Trey Metoyer
King Kekaulike High School

“Groovy Thursday is a song that represents a certain day of the week that brought personal memories back to my head.”


Music – Lyrical
One For Paradise
Emma Rich
King Kekaulike High School

“I compared the song to my own life and came up with the original lyrics.  Since I live in paradise, it wasn’t hard to find inspiration.”



Czhara Jan Saclayan
Maui High School

“At Maui High School, we consider STEM as a vital part of learning. In environmental science class, students are given the opportunity to do a hands-on lab to enhance their critical thinking and visual observance. Students are also responsible to keep the lab equipment in place and clean after use. Students are also capable of using the school’s technological equipment to complete their assignments specifically in ACOM. Students are tasked to complete videos and capture footage to tell stories that includes storytelling, uniqueness, wise use of time management, and most importantly, teamwork. Teamwork signifies the unity of the group to collaborate their ideas and produce an award-winning product. On the other hand, our automotive class diligently uses technology to troubleshoot cars. The student’s passion for technology and mechanics develop their mentality and creativity. Lastly, we all know that math is everywhere. Learning math and taking assessments is what builds our connection with the world. The geometrical shapes, algebraic expressions, and rationals are all useful in terms of the career you want to pursue like engineering, architecture and the list go on.”


STEM Career Interview
Interviwee: Richard Harris – Telescope Technician, Pan-STARRS
Janine Harris
King Kekaulike High School


T-Shirt Design
Shanelle Ancheta
Maui High School

“My design’s main focus features a blue mechanical gear. I added a globe in the center of the gear because the people in this world have the ability to innovate new advances in technology, engineering, science, and math. The mini gears are symbols to represent the different types of people who are involved with helping in the STEM program. No matter if they are high school teachers or professionals, they are still contributing to this conference for the same reason, which is to be able to work in order to help our community. The dotted lines are a symbol “to connect,” as a representation for everyone to work together in order to strive for a better community.”


3Cs High School Division
Yasha Ronquillo, Carissa Pagan, Summer Montehermoso, Tiffany Banggo
Maui High School


3Cs Middle School Division
Maria Inong, Alyson Kar, Logan Tsukiyama, Hannah Okamoto
Maui Waena Intermediate School